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Physical Disability Care | High quality care at home and in the community.

Physical Disability Support

“I am unable to walk unaided, are you able to provide care for me?”

Having a physical disability should not prevent you from leading a full and active life where you are involved in your local community. Enjoying a life that is purposeful and meaningful is equally important to us all. At Loving Angels Care our dedicated staff provide home care and support so that you can live the life you choose, where each day can be different.

We recognise each person as an individual with different interests and aspirations. By focusing on your unique strengths and abilities, we can support you to achieve your personal goals.

Choosing Loving Angels Care means care and support to:

  • Manage your responsibilities - go to work and keep on top of day-to-day living tasks.
  • Keep connected - meet friends and family,go to school, college or clubs, pursue a favourite hobby.
  • Keep fit and healthy - attend medical appointments, eat well or go to a fitness centre.
  • Stay independent - take a trip to town to do the shopping and pay bills.
  • Maintain your daily routine - get up and go to bed.
  • Keep your home clean and tidy – help with domestic chores like washing and ironing.

We can pop in once or twice a week or provide up to 24 hour home care. Our care workers have practical experience of meeting a wide range of complex care and support needs. They are fully trained to respond to different communication needs, physical disabilities and sensory impairments.